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Innovation + Engineering

You need a partner who has many years of experience combined with cutting edge research and development and the ability to anticipate the market’s needs. We are the industry’s leading cylinder head system specialist; we constantly look for innovative ways to enhance and improve your products, using new materials, designs and coatings to extend the life of your entire cylinder head system and ensure sustainability is built into each component.

The MWH Innovation Center is committed to developing new products, solutions and services, helping you achieve better performance in five key areas: emissions, efficiency, reliability, sustainability and lower running costs.



We partner with our customers, designing, testing and validating customized solutions for even the most challenging applications. To offer this technological advantage, we created the MWH Innovation Center with an experienced team of experts and sophisticated tools, including various test rigs, assuring performance and endurance of every component we design.

We work with more than 90% of the world's marine, locomotive and power generation engine manufacturers to help them meet the challenges of developing the next generation of engines.

Delivering quality cylinder-head system components demands precision in every process. At MWH, our disciplined approach enables us to efficiently achieve the highest standards. It starts with our Computer Aided Valve Engineering (CAVE), our best practice design guidelines, Finite Element Method (FEM) valve simulation and many more advanced tools. Our staff of technical experts creates innovative components and improvements for internal combustion engines, which redefine performance, efficiency, and durability for our clients. We are extremely thorough in our efforts to meet and exceed your requirements — just what you would expect from a company with a rich heritage in German engineering!

MWH Innovation Benchmarks

MWH Innovation Benchmarks

Engineering Services


The MWH Innovation Center has the know-how, capabilities and tools to support customers when it comes to complex questions and problems within valve train systems. Decades of experience have been systematically documented in the MWH Best Practice Design Manual, which is constantly improved by our engineering team.

MWH’s Engineering Services start with comprehensive proposals for materials and design of all valve train components including valves, seats, guides, rotators and springs based on customers’ specific requirements.

The performance and life expectancy of a proposed can be analyzed by conducting numerical valve wear simulations considering design and material variations.

Furthermore, critical components like valve spindles, seat rings and rotators can be rig tested to validate the proposed solution. Component tests reduce the need for time consuming and expensive engine tests later in the validation process.

MWH’s Engineering Services are always tailored to the specific challenge at hand.

Engineering Process


The more precisely your cylinder head system components interact, the more efficiently your engine runs. MWH has the insight and experience to determine systematically how each component should interact to deliver optimal performance.

MWH development methodology derives from more than 70 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and overhauling cylinder head components for large-bore engines.

Our development projects benefit from decades of hands-on field experience diagnosing catastrophic engine failures and applying Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

The MWH engineering process is comprised of four key phases: Discovery, Development, System Design  and Testing.

MWH Development Process



To build superior components capable of extending your Time Between Overhaul (TBO), we always start with a solid foundation. That means using the right materials with the highest quality. MWH has carefully developed and maintained proprietary material standards and formulations, meeting or exceeding international superalloy standards, expertise in material science and mechanical engineering.

MWH’s exacting material specifications are crucial to optimum performance. In addition, we perform all critical metalworking processes under one roof to achieve the optimal technical properties that meet your high standards. These processes include forging, extruding, friction welding, heat treatment, PTA-/TIG-/MIG-/WIG -welding, flame spraying, induction hardening, PVD coatings, chroming, brazing and more.

Proprietary Coatings


MWH continuously develops coatings that meet customer needs demanded by lower emissions standards and/or higher performance. We offer a broad range of coating technologies like Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA), Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS), and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). A broad range of proven coatings like chroming, nitriding and proprietary MWH coatings are available to solve unique problems.

MWH coatings are designed to protect and optimize the performance of metal components. In the case of corrosion, our coatings are formulated to prevent valve degradation due to high temperature, moisture, salt spray, oxidation or exposure to a variety of environments. In addition, our coatings minimize premature valve failure caused by friction and wear.

As a customer, you benefit from MWH’s process know-how and proprietary coatings in several important ways:

  • Tailor-made coatings that meet the requirements of your specific application
  • Proprietary hard-facing alloys protecting against severe wear
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings that protect against high temperatures and chemical attack
  • Our superior laboratory services are available to evaluate, diagnose, and solve many of your engine performance challenges

Testing and Evaluation


To face the challenges of higher efficiency and tightening emission legislation for gas engines, MWH developed a unique Valve Wear Test Rig. For the first time, tribological component tests for large-bore engines are available. We measure wear rates and evaluate valve wear for both valve closing velocity and peak firing pressure separately. Wear rate testing of both valve and seat ring in the lab match the measured rates from the field.

MWH has conducted friction and wear R&D for several years, improving valve spindle/seat ring pairings. During a multi-stage project over six years, we developed a novel approach for valve wear predictability. Based on J. F. Archard’s laws of friction, a numerical wear simulation was designed to approximate the wear of both valve spindles and seat rings.

As an MWH customer, you benefit in several significant ways.

  • Evaluate valve and seat ring designs
  • Evaluate materials and designs quicker and at lower cost
  • Approximate impact of engine parameters on valve spindles & seat rings
  • Minimize engine tests by screening designs and materials
  • Identify root causes of wear